Frequently Asked Questions

Production & Manufacturing

All of our signs are handmade to order using premium flexible neon LED piping, with proprietary PVC moulding technology. This LED piping is affixed to sturdy & clear acrylic backing which is cut to shape. 


This material is much more durable & environmentally friendly when compared with traditional glass neon signage. 

Our LED neon signs are designed to replace a traditional glass neon sign. As they use LEDs encased in plastic, rather than gas encased in glass, they produce relatively no heat and are shatter proof, so they are perfectly safe around children and pets.

The LEDs used in our signs have a lifetime of 50,000 hours! That is the equivalent of over 5 years if you were to keep the neon sign switched on constantly!


Order & Shipping

We ship WORLDWIDE! There are no restrictions as to which countries we can deliver our awesome neon signs to.

From your date of order we like to allow up to 16 days for the delivery to arrive at your door, however it will more than likely be quicker than this. The longer wait time is because each product sold from our site is handmade with care to order, whether a custom design or a preset. 


Production time is usually 3-5 business days & shipping is usually 3-7 business days. 


We use DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT as our shipping partners. Once your order is with the courier, we will send you a full tracking number via email so that you can keep track of where your new neon sign is. 

All our neon signs are shipped in full premium protective packaging consisting of plastic wrapping, bubble wrap, solid cardboard edge protectors & solid cardboard boxing. This is to ensure that your neon sign arrives to your door in perfect condition. The shipping is also fully insured which is why it holds a higher price tag compared to standard shipping. 


In the extremely unlikely event that your sign arrives damaged then please do not hesitate to contact us via email on 


Our support team can then raise a case with our courier to investigate and arrange a new sign to be sent to you free of charge if required. 

As we ship our signs worldwide, sometimes our shipments may be flagged by a country's customs agency as requiring additional fees or taxes to be paid. We do everything we can to mitigate this on our side, but on rare occasions shipments will still be flagged and as the customer is usually who gets sent the bill for customs charges, you may receive a letter or text message saying you owe money. 


If this has happened to you after purchasing from us, please do not worry! Get in contact with our super support team on  and they will assist you on rectifying this & making sure you are not out of pocket

Returns & Warranty

All of our neon signs come with a warranty of up to 24 months, meaning that we will replace it for free in the very unlikely event that you have any issues with it. 


If you have any issues with your sign within 24-months of purchasing, you can contact our support team on  with details of your sign's issues.


The team can then arrange for the sign to be returned to us for inspection prior to authorising a replacement to be sent out to you. 

We offer a 24 Month Warranty on all our products from the day of purchase. If there is any issue with the product the customer is asked to send us an email with details of the damages, alongside a picture or video to . From there we will assess the severity of the issue and whether it can be fixed with a spare part or if it needs to be replaced fully. Please note that the warranty is not extended to incidents where the product is damaged through any external circumstances that cause damage/breakage.

  • 12 or 24 months for Neon Sign depending on the product(described on product page)
  • 1 month for accessories (Dimmer/Power Adapter)
  • Warranty does not apply to Standoff Screws.

About the shipping cost for the warranty: the buyer is responsible for the shipping cost, including 2 times:

  • Product shipping fee to our facility
  • Shipping costs for products that have been warranted to the customer's address.

Neon Designs offers returns and refunds for faulty products only. Custom Neon will make every effort to resolve the issue and may fix, replace, refund, or partially refund the product. The final resolution for faulty products, including refunds for the cost of the product and/or shipping, is decided on a case by case basis depending on the source of the fault, and is at the sole discretion of Neon Designs.